Expedition Equipment and Clothing


The transition from light gloves to heavy mittens as the air temperature drops from +30°F to -40°F!






Acknowledgements: SnowSTAR 2007 extends a special thanks to Riley (11 years old) and Casey (8 years old)

from Colorado, who graciously modeled our arctic clothing for this presentation.




The transition from light caps to heavy hats as the air temperature drops from +30°F to -40°F! 





In addition to keeping our heads warm with good hats, we also cover our faces and noses to keep them from freezing in the cold arctic wind!




BIG boots are critical to keep toes and feet from freezing!


Warmer parka’s for lower temperatures. Notice the thicker/warmer hood on the red parka!




Warm snow pants are also required!





We use big, warm sleeping bags (good to -40°F or colder) to sleep in at night. But, in the Arctic we sleep in tents instead of in hammocks!