14 April 2007

After picking their way through some very rocky and rugged country, SnowSTAR arrived at the Daring Lake Research Facility late this afternoon to a warm welcome from Canadian team member Arvids Silis. The crew will layover here through Monday to re-fuel, await the arrival of team member Chris Derksen, and work on some minor mechanical problems before heading east towards the Diamond Mines. An engine seal is still leaking on one of the snowmobiles and they will utilize this down-time to see if they can resolve this problem. Matthew's soundclip tonight talks about what a thrill it was to watch the Daring Camp materialize on the horizon this afternoon, and a great picture of the Daring Lake Camp is tonights dispatch. Enjoy

Click Here For a Soundclip from Matthew

Welcome to Daring Lake, Northwest Territories

Camp 30 Location: Daring Lake 64 52'N 111 35'W

Distance Today: 48km

Weather: Overcast to Partly Cloudy, Light wind, Afternoon High of -8C (18F)



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