kAfter Arriving in Baker Lake on April 26 Expedition members made themselves available to Baker Lake students and local residents today in a series of presentations to talk about their amazing trip. Most of the kids already knew we were in town because we arrived at the school just as it let out the day before.  At the schools, we talked about our trip, about science in the North, and about Baker Lake.  Our slide show about our trip was met with enthusiastic “ooohhhs” and “aahhhs”, which we really appreciated. The welcome banners were lovely too.  All in all, the warm welcome in Baker Lake was a perfect finish to the journey.
Some photos of Todays activities are posted below.

Some Congratulations

As base camp manager I wanted to extend a public congratulations to the SnowSTAR group for what they have accomplished with this trip. They successfully navigated a route through one of most unforgiving landscapes on our continent, met every scientific goal, engaged in an educational outreach that touched thousands of students, and arrived safely and ahead of schedule at their planned destination. Their stunning success is a testament to meticulous planning and the skill and cohesivness of this very knowledgable group.

And a Few Thank Yous

To the Teachers and Students:On behalf of the entire SnowSTAR 2007 crew I've been asked to express our sincere thanks to all the teachers and students who have so enthusiastically participated in the educational outreach component of the expedition and faithfully followed us on the Web. We hope you take away a new understanding and appreciation for a unique and important part of the world. Thank You for joining us on this adventure!

To the Communities that hosted us: At times the weather was cold on our journey, but our welcome in every northern community was warm!  A lasting memory for all of us will be how friendly and helpful the Northern people were along the way.  There is no way to express our thanks enough, but to the adults and kids of Central, Circle, Ft. Yukon, Old Crow, Ft. McPherson, Tsiigichic, Ft. Good Hope, Norman Wells, Tulida, Deline, Kugluktuk, Daring Lake, Diavik, and Baker Lake, we say THANK YOU!

To Our Supporting Organizations: A big Thank You goes out to CRREL, the National Science Foundation, Environment Canada, ARCUS, and so many others.

And to A Thousand Others: Finally, there is an impossibly long list of people we met along the way who helped in ways that may have seemed small at the time but contributed enormously to the enjoyment and success of SnowSTAR---fellow travelers we encountered out on the land, helpful RCMP staff, locals who offered a needed bolt or a tool, strangers with hot coffee and a handshake, elders that studied our maps and took the time to mark a shelter cabin, a spot of open water, or a critical turn in the trail we might otherwise have missed. While all of us were impressed and humbled by the geography of the trail, twenty years from now our memories of this trip will be of the kind and generous people we met along the way. To all those that crossed our path, a very heartfelt THANK YOU from the members of SnowSTAR 2007!



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