A Windy Crossing

5 April 2007

The SnowSTAR crew fought strong gusting winds today on their ice crossing to the Dease Arm of Great Bear Lake. Camp 21 tonight is located in a shelter cabin along the southern shore of the Dease Arm. On Mathew's short sounclip you will hear that our satellite phone connection was not the best, but they are warm and comfortable tonight and having a little birthday celebration for team member Glen Liston. CHUGIAK STUDENTS.......Dr. Huntington tried to send you a weather report in Espanol but the connection was so bad it did not come through.

Tonight's Soundclip from Matthew on the Windy Crossing

No emailed dispatch received--hopefully more info and photos tomorrow

Location of Camp 21: 66 42'N 119 41W

Distance Today: 97km (60miles)

Weather: -2C (+28F) Winds SE @30km gusts to 55km Mostly Sunny


KIDS: Since we did not get anything new from them tonight, here is something extra they sent me a few nights ago on different License Plates they have seen along the way.

License plates are fun to look at because there are so many different designs. Each state, province, or territory has its own design, and many of them have more than one. Here are some license plates we’ve seen that we thought were especially cool looking. In Alaska, snowmachines don’t have license plates. Notice that in the Yukon they are called “snowmachines”, but in the Northwest Territories they are called “snowmobiles”. What do you think they will be called in Nunavut?

(Other words for snow mobiles: sno-go,  sled, skidoo)

Then there is the license plate for cars and trucks in the Northwest Territories. Can you recognize the shape? Do you know of a cooler license plate than that?!?





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