17 March 2007

Camp2 Location: Upper Birch Creek

This was a very challenging day. To cross from the upper Chena River drainage into Birch Creek the trail makes several very steep climbs up Rosebud Summit. Our machines are pulling very heavy loads--about 1200 pounds on two 10-sleds for each machine. These heavy loads had to be broken apart and taken to the top of each incline one sled at a time. All in all we made 10 or eleven round trips over very steep terrain to get the whole expedition to the top of Rosebud Summit where it was blowing 40 miles per hour with wind chills to about fifty below zero. Total miles traveled was reported to be only about 38 miles. The satellite phone hookup to camp 2 was marginal and the latitude/longitude location was not given. The crew decided not to attempt Eagle Summit late in the day given the adverse weather conditions on the summits. They are camped in the upper Birch Creek drainage tonight in a stand of sheltering spruce trees. They will tackle Eagle Summit tomorrow. Some photos from todays travels are included below.

Dave Andersen

Fairbanks Base Camp




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