26, March--Our Phone connection was too broken up to record soundclips tonight. Henry Huntington did manage to send the Chugiak students a written weather report in Espanol (below)and a full daily dispatch follows:

Estado del Tiempo

Hoy es 26 marzo, es seis de la tarde. Estamos 50 millas al oriente de Old
Crow. La temperatura esta menos cuatro grados Fahrenheit, o menos veinte
grados Celsius. Esta despejado--no nubes, y no viento. Muy lindo tiempo! Hay
trece pulgadas de nieve sobre la tierra. Muy bueno para un viaje del

Out of Old Crow

Dispatch, March 26, 2007:  RCMP Cabin 85 km Up-River from Old Crow

Camp 11 Location: 67º 34'N,  138º 19'W

Sunny, -20ºC (-4ºF), No wind.

In the morning we visited with Patti Joe's class at Chief Zzeh Gittlit
School in Old Crow.  We talked to them about climate change and then played
with magnets, resonance tubes and slinkies.  All this was to demonstrate
that science and math can be fun as well as good for you. We also showed the
class some of our scientific gear including the Tyvek suits we wear when
sampling mercury in the snow.  Ms. Joe was the model for the Tyvek suit.  It's
an all-white coverall.  See if you can pick her out of the picture of the
class we have attached.

Old Crow showed us the most wonderful hospitality. We were able to fix Dan's
snow machine there, Gary Vokey, the Principal of the school, let us take
showers and stay in the gym, and everyone we met was nice to us.  We were
fed wonderful meals 4 times by the community!

Getting out towns and villages is often the hardest part of navigation.
Trails go every-which-way, and even the most careful descriptions can seem
confusing when faced with several trails not mentioned in the descriptions.
So, by far the best way to get out of town successfully is to have a local
guide.  Today, we had a great guide: Danny Kassi.  Danny has done a lot of
traveling in this country.  Here you can see a picture of Danny leading our
snow machine parade out of Old Crow. (no picture received yet)

The last picture is of Jon and Danny. Thanks Danny!  Thanks everyone in Old Crow.



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