Dr. Glen E. Liston
Senior Research Scientist, Colorado State University
Age: 46
Home: Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Hobbies: Woodworking




As a scientist I study snow and ice in the mountains, the Arctic, and Antarctica. In 1982-83 I spent a year at the United States Amundsen-Scott South Pole Research Station, Antarctica, where I received a United States Congressional Service Medal.


I have considerable experience in cold-regions field research, leading and participating in snow and glaciological research expeditions around the world. These projects involve multi-day, multi-week, and multi-month field programs, and include: glacio-meteorological studies on the Juneau Icefields in Alaska and British Columbia (1981 and 1982); a Jökulhlaup study in the Alaska Range (1984); an ice-sheet dynamics project on the Greenland Ice Sheet and Jakobshavn Glacier (1985); Canadian boreal forest snow studies (1992 and 1994); a lake-ice study in Glacier National Park (1993); above-treeline snow distribution studies in the Colorado Rockies (1997-present); and seasonal-snow research in Arctic Alaska (1984-86 and 1994-present). In addition, I was an invited participant and field leader on the Norwegian Antarctic Research Expedition, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica (1996-97). In 2007-2008 I will participate in an International Polar Year overland traverse to the South Pole. In recognition of my field research and related publications, in 1999 I was elected a Fellow of the Explorers Club.


Example field research projects:




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